8oz Magnesium Spray Oil

8oz Magnesium Spray Oil


Magnesoothe Magnesium Oil is 100% pure magnesium oil from the Dead Sea. This special blend of minerals, rich in magnesium, is recommended by Doctors, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists and many other Health Professionals around the world. Magnesoothe contains 21+ vital trace minerals and 12 of them are found in a combination and ratio unlike any other magnesium oil on the market… (read more details below)

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Product Description

About Our Magnesium Pour/Spray

  • All Natural, Vegan Friendly & Gluten-Free
  • Goes through a 4 stage, chemical and metal-free, filtration process
  • The first Magnesium Oil from the Dead Sea
  • Contains 21+ trace minerals
  • Contains a combination and ratio of 12 minerals that are not found in any other mag oil
  • All minerals are in ionic form (ready to use, your body doesn’t need to process it)
  • Hand bottled


For more details and a better understanding of MagneSoothe magnesium oil, where its from, and how we manufacture it… please click here.

Minerals in Magnesoothe Magnesium oil:

Magnesium (Master Mineral) 115,000+ parts per a million (26% – 28%)
Calcium 7,000+ ppm
Potassium 2,500+ ppm
Sodium 180+ ppm
Strontium 120+ ppm
Boron 20+ ppm
Lithium 10+ ppm
Nitrogen 4+ ppm
Silicon 9+ ppm
Iron 3+ ppm
Phosphorus 2+ ppm
Manganese 2+ ppm
Cobalt -1 ppm
Chromium -1 ppm
Copper -1ppm
Fluorine (Not fluoride) -1 ppm
Molybdenum -1 ppm
Nickel -1 ppm
Selenium -1 ppm
Vanadium -1 ppm
Zinc -1 ppm

For more details on these minerals and the role they play in the body please click here.

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